For many years I suffered from debilitating migraines, joint pains and occasional bloating. I have seen numerous rheumatologists, neurologists, dermatologists and primary care physicians. Finally at the age of 32, broke out in a rash from head to toe for months on end and still doctors were unable to figure out why. It was then I had the great fortune to attend one of Noelle Armstrong's seminars. I left and returned home to tell my husband and two sons that we would be meeting with Noelle very soon. After my one hour complimentary visit Noelle was able to recommend many possible dietary changes that would potentially help with my health issues,  Within a month Noelle had written a dietary plan with myself and my family that I can honestly say changed our lives forever. Noelle was able to review all of the dietary styles of my family members and recommendations that reduced the symptom of my children's seasonal allergies, cleared up my skin and for most part eradicated my frequent migraines. Since signing on with Noelle, I have received apologies from many of my former doctors for not being able to diagnosis, what at the time was a severe intolerance to gluten. Both myself and my family are eternally grateful for the gift Noelle has given us. Her Knowledgeable, energetic, and supportive personality make her a fantastic fit for anyone who is interested in learning more about food and diet are impacting their life. 
I recommend her to everyone I meet both with health issues and without. Noelle's diversity is what makes her able to accommodate the needs of so many different people. Life is definitely a journey and with someone like Noelle on your team the possibilities are endless, my only regret is not being open to an experience such as this one sooner. Amy S.

I have struggled with weight throughout my life the typical yo-yo dieting. After meeting with Noelle and having a better understanding of nutrition which has helped my health I was able to lower my cholesterol though diet versus medication.
Noelle has also helped with my genetic disease Familial Polyposis which I have had numerous surgeries for. She has introduced new foods to help keep this under control. Noelle has also worked with my family and I have incorporated healthier food choices that work for me, my husband and children. Noelle has been such an Inspiration to me and my family and I am so blessed to have her as a health coach but also a dear friend. With her compassion, commitment and inspiration this life changing way of eating has truly changed our family. Noelle's energy is addictive to learn more each day on healthy living with mind, spirit and soul. I would recommend Noelle to everyone she individualizes every person so that it works in a cohesive way that works individually and for the whole family.
Thank you so much Noelle ~  Suzanne Pereira

​​It takes a special person to have the talent to listen to a person's description of their lifestyle and the foods that they eat and be able to help them feel the best that they can. Noelle Armstrong definitely has that talent. Noelle knows not only based on what you are telling her but also based on the evidence she sees in front of her and the knowledge that she has what makes each persons individual body tick as a whole. 

The problem with doctors is that they often treat just the symptom of an issue rather than finding the cause and they are quick to prescribe medications which always have side effects. The differences between talking about your bodies issues with a doctor and with Noelle are many. Firstly, Noelle takes the time to listen to every symptom you are discussing and ask about other things that you may not have thought of. She does this so that she can understand how your entire body is reacting to foods and supplements that you may be ingesting. Secondly, she gets to know your body like an individual machine and she dissects each part to know whether or not they are doing their job to the fullest capacity. Once she has this overall picture she begins to work with you to create small but effective changes to your diet that miraculously take away these issues that you have lived with. Rather than treating one symptom she tries to focus on the overall picture and help treat everything, with no adverse side effects that you then have to live with. Plus, she is patient, understanding and kind. She makes you feel validated and unique, unlike so many doctors who treat your case the same as they would anyone else. 

I suffer from Celiac Disease and when I was diagnosed my doctor gave me a huge list of foods not to eat, but never suggested things to try instead. Because of this my weight often fluctuated and I had issues with digestion. Staying away from grains meant I ate a lot of dairy and fruits instead. Low and behold Noelle helped me realize that a lot of the bloating and other issues that I constantly lived with thinking, "this is just me." was due to the sugar intake in my body. I would have never guessed that natural sugar from things like dried fruit would cause me to have lots of different symptoms. On top of that I always suffered with heavy duty leg cramps that would sometimes last for a half hour. Noelle helped with this too. She also helped with severe cramping that I received monthly as well as many other feminine issues that I had. Everything she suggested was easy to do, if it was something that I honestly couldn't see myself keeping up with I told her and we created a backup plan together. She is a wonderfully smart person who after only 3 months made me feel better than I had my entire life, and the best part is that I can continue to feel good all the time with her suggestions. I would highly recommend Noelle's services to anyone who suffers with any strange symptoms that they have given up on trying to treat or anyone who is sick of doctors prescribing more medications for them to take. I promise you, you will not regret the time or money spent with Noelle, she is a fabulous person and holistic health professional!!
Noelle's huge fan,
Laura Thompson